Why are International Standards so Important

Why are International Standards so Important?

Why are International Standards so Important?

Why are International Standards so Important

Consumer Point of View

In the point of view of consumers, a product or service that is ISO certified assures an organization’s customers by letting them know that said product or service availed of have been tried, tested, and complied with a set of standards and quality systems.

When it comes to spending money their money, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of products that have a seal of approval from different standard-setting organization to assure themselves that what they are buying meet quality and safety requirements.

It also gives peace of mind to an organization’s market by implying that these products or services will not put their family at risk by being an ISO certified business thereby creating improved customer satisfaction and reliance.

Government Point of View

These international quality standards complement the rules and regulations provided by different government and non-governmental agencies.

By ensuring that the firms, organizations, and businesses in its jurisdiction follow these ISO quality standards, governments can boost its economy by opening up international trade and competing with other leading organizations across the globe.

ISO quality standards also help the government by providing expert opinions from various professions and industries in the ISO community to formulate better public policy-making for the betterment of any national or international government agencies.

Business Point of View

Since ISO standards have increasingly become important as part of the competitive industry, not receiving a seal of approval already puts an organization at a disadvantage.

This entails that the organization is allowing its consumers to find an alternative product that has sealed and trusted quality products and services which will affect its sales and net profits.

There are also a lot of benefits that an organization will lose by not having an ISO certification such as the loss of improved quality systems and procedures and the need for a third-party consultant to provide opportunities to fix the sub-optimal business processes that an organization employs.

In addition, there are standards that help manage energy and the environmental impact of conducting business which helps cater to a long-term sustainable business.

Thus, ISO quality standards are important for any organization since this assures from all aspects that the company can deliver quality and safe products and services as well as quality management standards that will help an organization to flourish in the long run.

Here are other benefits that may ensue by being an ISO certified organization:

  • Increased productivity will enable any organization to improve its competitive advantage in the industry and increase its market share. This also entails that there is goal congruence in all units of the organization thereby helping an organization’s employ to meet their overall goals and objectives.
  • Leading the industry by using credible and consistent means of improvement to support quality and safe business processes that will streamline an organization by becoming leaders of the industry.
  • International trade is due to the leveling of the playing field by ensuring that the quality of the products and services meet the requirements of the standard-setting body.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, we hope that you realize the importance of international standards from different perspectives.

Whether you are a consumer, a member of a government agency, or a business organization, you will reap all these benefits when you are supporting ISO certified products and services! Amazing, right?